SEO and optimization factors

.01 |Site architecture

Most sites typically use WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla! CMS, so most of these cms are built with a standard coding architecture because highly professional programmers and developers are developing the software. 

.02 |Site speed

Website speed is one of the most important factors in optimizing your site. Your site speed should always be in a very good condition so that users can easily browse your site. Do not forget that if your website speed is not good by observing all the factors You can not get good results in SEO, the faster your website loads, the better.

.03 |Quality hosting

As you are never willing to build your house in any neighborhood, you should not implement your site on any server or host, I think a good host that has high stability, spam sites are not maintained on their server and and should have very good bandwidth.

.04 |Appropriate keywords

As a first step to optimize your website, you should choose the right keywords for your site, try to choose keywords for your site to make sure these words are searched by users, choose words that, if they are to be on them for years. Work to the top of Google to make sure those words are searched by users and will attract the target user to your site

.05 |Attractive content

No matter how scientifically rich and quality your articles are; We can only consider it quality and excellent content if the visitor is excited after reading the article and says to himself that this content is very interesting and can be useful for my friends and then the reader of your article to 10 other people. Share We consider this type of content to be quality and attractive content

.06 |Video on the website

Of course, you may have heard this many times before, but the use of video in the discussion of site optimization has recently become a compulsion, while I remind you that if you are in contact with English-language sites always You can see that video is being used gradually on these sites

.07 |Social Networks

If you are looking for progress in SEO, using social networks for your site is a must so that you can engage the user with your site with the help of these networks and be more and easier to communicate with your users in these networks. Share on these networks and ask your users to comment on your articles and create a serious reflection with your users on social networks, do not worry. In the last parts of this article, I will teach you exactly what to do on social networks. 


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